My company got bought out. Supposedly a good thing... Anyone got stories?

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    I’ve been in companies that got acquired, and I’ve been in companies that acquired another, most recently I was at a place that only existed to acquire and merge companies.

    Hope you got vested shares.
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    I've survived three corporate acquisitions. No real advice though other than be prepared for any eventuality. Could be you're well-regarded and will make it through just fine, or could be you'll get hit as part of the inevitable cuts (and don't believe anyone that says there won't be cuts 'cause there's ALWAYS cuts). You'd think there's some pattern to it, but there's really not. Sometimes it's the big salaries, sometimes it's those lowest on the seniority list, sometimes someone has a vision that doesn't include your position. Don't think too much about it, don't worry yourself to sickness, just do what you can to be prepared whichever way things go. I've seen it be a pretty positive thing and I've seen it be a less positive thing in the end, but it usually takes well over a year before you know for sure which it is. Good luck!
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    Good thing? Depends on which country you're living in I suppose. In some countries, acquisitions often mean restructuring and laying people off...
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    If management is telling you it's a good thing, ask why (if you have a good relationship with your manager). What specific benefits will you have? If they can't answer, start polishing up your resume.
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    Mergers and aquisitions normally are real bad for all people involved except share holders and managers.
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    The office gets quieter. Not a bad thing. But also not a safe thing.
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