Any non-tech hobby usually helps my coding, because relaxing breaks are far more efficient if I'm not just laying in a bean bag trying not to think about work but rather engaged in something unrelated. During the summer I was storing a really good electric guitar because the owner emigrated, so when I felt stuck I played some music. I used to play the cello in middle school but I was never really good at it nor did I care to practice properly because it felt a lot like yet another class to attend. Apparently music practice works whether you do it in one long or several short rounds as long as the total time is enough.

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    I make chicken coops to relax, working with my hands (weekends) , surrounded mostly by animals , watching cute yellow chicks, I think sooner or later I'll leave software and become a farmer, it's super tiring but when you bite into an egg from a bird you raised yourself, heaven falls.
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