I'm trying to get an internship.
My coding skills are great, but I get really nervous/scared when interviewed. Social skills are trash...

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    In my opinion, that should not be a problem, even more so, if you are interviewed by developers. Many devs don't have great social skills, and those who do (devs, but also team leads and HR) should know.

    Recently a developer told me that they got their latest job following a chat while gaming, so there are also possibilities apart from the corporate career paths.

    Getting noticed on GitHub / dev.to etc. are other possibilities when you're writing good code.

    You could also try and focus on small start ups, at least some of them don't follow the typical corporate culture and rituals.
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    I got rejected in a recent interview because I couldn't find the answer to a riddle on the spot: if you walk through a hallway with 100 open doors 100 times, and toggle only the doors that are multiples of your nth walk, how many doors are open in the end?
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    I feel you.
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    @webketje so first time you open all, second time you close multiples of 2, third time you open/close multiples of 3... Am I missing something? How's that a "on the spot" challenge? Unless they wanted you to have gone through a riddle book before... Maybe they wanted your thinking rather that the answer?
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    @NoMad You can do it on the spot if you realise the link between perfect squares and odd numbers of factors, but it's an evil and pointless interview question unless that's somehow relevant for your role.

    This shite is usually nothing more than an interviewer power play.
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    Am a genius when am doing stuff on paper, stand before me and ask me a question and I turn into a total idiot
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    @AlmondSauce Exactly, I felt really little and the dev interviewer wasn't sympathetic. I think it didn't sit well with anyone in the call (we were 4).

    @NoMad he wanted to demonstrate that a "naive empirical testing method" was inferior to a "deep insight into the problem situation" and wasn't scalable. He was right, a for loop would be fast enough for 10k doors but Math.sqrt could handle over 1 million.
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    @webketje wtf?!

    I could think about that all week and still be as baffled as I am now
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