Can anyone please help me to solve it......
Implement c program to input an augmented matrix. Find the first pivot matrix.

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    Do your homework yourself. If you can't do that, look for some easier career path.
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    @Fast-Nop It is not necessary that if any one asking a question, it should be his/ her homework.And it would not have happened that as soon as you were born, you had become a pro in programming, you have struggled yourself, you must have taken the help of someone ok get this thing in yr mind.

    And I am not like you that if I do not get any question then I should change my path.
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    @Niharika Look, mandatory homeworks and tests are designed to weed out lazy or dumb people. Nobody wants them as future co-workers where they will be just as lazy or dumb. And no, I didn't ask other people to do my homeworks.

    Also, it's not "any question". It's typical dumb homework questions.
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    Do what the pros do, and Google it.

    (BTW of course we all struggled with our homework, that's the point, we worked it out, it wasn't easy but we did it, without the Internet to ask either - for us older ones)
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    @Fast-Nop If you are pro then obviously this would be a dumb question for you but I am a beginner and this question is not a dumb question for me.
    And you are saying is again and again that this is a homework question so listen I am in 9 standard and I thought you know that programming is not taught in 9 standard. I was just trying a random question and when i fail to solve it , I just asked and i don't think so that i m doing something wrong
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    Welcome green dot, to our humble abode. Please note that this is not StackOverflow(not that they would answer you either) we are simply a community of devs going on about our daily lives/struggles. This is not a forum. As @Fast-Nop said, you should do your homework by yourself, you are given it for a reason. It's not about the question being stupid or not, you didn't ask anything specific, it seems you just want someone to program this assignment for you, which I doubt anyone here will do. I have no clue what a "9 standard" is, but your profile says you are a student, and it's important to understand and do your assignments as to not fall behind. Best of luck to you.
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    I have no fucking clue what you are even saying. Have you actually read the app description before downloading?
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    Kudos for putting it in the right category but this is obviously a part of an assignment. Not an ask for help but an ask for someone to do the assignment for you; else you would have asked specifically the problem you where having in your solution.

    Giving an arrogant response on how 9 standard you are wtf that may be is not going to get you any help.

    If you where actually in a pickle with C @Fast-Nop would have been an absolute expert in your corner.
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    @Niharika what @hjk101 said. The reason your question is going to irritate a lot of people, @Fast-Nop in particular, is that it basically translates to "hey can anyone do my work for me?". You have shown zero effort on your part (what did you try? What are you stuck on? What did you think would work but didn't?) and you expect us to either ask you all that (why should we?) or just hand you the solution (why should we?). That's a complete lack of respect for other people's time. Nobody wants to just hand out solutions to a person who can't even be bothered to put in a little bit of effort.

    If you had instead asked something specific where we can see you're actually trying, like "hey I'm trying to find the adjoint matrix using *this* method and when I try to select the first column like *this* I get a seg fault, what could I be doing wrong?" you'll likely get a much nicer response.

    This is how we (or anyone really) would expect a beginner to ask questions too btw. If you didn't know that earlier, well now you do. Try again.
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