when a senior recommends you rewrite some code with their example snippet (which doesn't work), for the 3rd time, on a different ticket

i guess i should've called them out on the 2nd time this happened, instead of silently not doing so think i'd save them some dignity after telling them the first time they did this, their recommendation didn't pass automated tests

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    ”If it doesn’t pass the tests, the tests must be wrong. Fix them!”
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    Just comment and say it doesn't work. He probably doesn't even realise if he keeps pasting it around. He'll either then go "whoops, my bad" or fix it.
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    @100110111 luckily they haven't done that

    @AlmondSauce bold of you to think they'd admit they made a mistake
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    @sjwsjwsjw If he's literally pasted duff code in there, it's kinda difficult to pretend it works!
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