Super trivial but who ships a laptop to a new employee with random software on that is clearly for their own preferences? I don't use classic shell, I don't like classic shell, and it hugely fucked with both my opinion of the new place (an IT company, ffs) and my estimation of the person who configured it. Do whatever shit you must on your own machine but get out of my way and let me use the fucking os without more pointless shit! I wouldn't do this to you, no matter how much I might love some obscure additional layer for primarily nostalgic reasons. Raging!

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    Is it part of the company’s standard machine setup steps?
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    @Root if it is I'm very surprised as office and chrome were the only other things on it!
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    Why would anyone want that shit menu system from Windows 10? Or do you need to run Candy Crush? lol
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    I *LOVE* classic shell, but know what you mean
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    I got garlic bread for my wife. I thought, "She will really love this!" I get home and she says, "I don't like garlic bread." I was so bummed. Then she says, "But I am so glad that you got me something that you loved because you thought it would bring me joy!" She gave me those lovey eyes and smiled at me.

    My guess is the person that installed this thought you would be so happy to not have to deal with Windows 10 menus. Because they hate Windows 10 menus. Or its just an image they threw on there.
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    Do you have admin rights locally? If so just change it back.

    If not - well, that to me says more about the company than what shell they try to force on you.
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    @AlmondSauce thankfully I do!
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