You know what fuck github , anyone remember when git cli was easy and straight forward to use

Now i have conflicting master branches because the remote is main and git automatically defaults to master.

Git still asks for a password while github can't wait to inform me how I have to go through the very long process of setting up an auth_token.

Apparently https remote origins for some reason don't work anymore, why because apparently i need to change them into ssh, good luck with the public key errors

This sucks , fuck github and fuck politics

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    Everything works now and am perfectly happy to continue on with my day 😁👌👌
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    who could've predicted this?! Microsoft? certainly not, they are just a poor tech giant that's been in the business since 1975...

    hmm, yep, I think this is no ones fault
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    @Hazarth only Microsoft can take a product as good as github and turn it into a major shitshow,

    I think I might move to bitbucket now, onyone had experiences with other git hosting services?
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    I have experiences with GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket and to be quite honest, you can quickly adapt to any of those.

    A feature here and there is either lacking, or you get an extra.

    I prefer GitHubs and GitLabs interface over BitBucket, took me a while to get used to the navigation, but that's just the Web UI and you can learn it as any other UI ofc.

    when it comes to plain git usage, they all really work perfectly fine, no problems, you add your ssh keys to all of them in very much the same way. I didn't actually test https on any of those I think. Adding the keys is easy enough on linux, and usually didn't have huge problems with windows and ssh-key-agent either.

    If you want to try out BitBucket I think you should be pretty safe going for it, it has CI/CD, not as good as GitLab but pretty versatile still, hooks and all I believe
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    @Hazarth I'll give it a try
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    I tried changing all of my masters to main. After running the first command I got an error from git lmao.

    I’ll just keep being hitler I guess.
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    @heyjoe1984 I hate that shit, we are all taking political correctness too far, which developers are out there creating random files and running git init , so they may savour the message "master " after they run git branch
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    Setting up token author such that it remembers my token took 10 minutes starting from when I realized that I need a credential manager for got and I don't know if such a thing even exists.
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    You can also generate a token, toss it into whatever credential manager you use and copy into the password field.
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