Every single morning I despair. I can’t stand this job.
Why pay very highly and get very skilled people to have them working 4 to a support ticket. Doing the most mundane support tickets you have ever seen in your life (mainly updating client contact details)?
And why have such a rigorous recruitment process to get people’s in in the first place?

The company is pissing money away by working like this and all the new starters like me think it’s complete shit.
But the bosses and anyone who’s been here a while think it’s great. Company still is making loads of money so they don’t even care about it.

I’ve never met senior developers who have never worked on a greenfield project in their entire careers until I came here.

I can’t believe how I got suckered into this (was head hunted).

Does anyone have a feel for the UK contracting market right now?

I’m considering the jump but I think I’d have to be looking for remote only contracts because where I live has few opportunities ‘on-site’. Preferably c# / angular.

Is there much competition for roles or is there a shortage of skills in the contractors?

The thought of going into another permanent role that could be as bad as this genuinely keeps me awake at night.
I’m not sure I can go somewhere and then have it in the hands of managers to decide what projects I’m going to do and what tech it will be on.

At any big company there’s going to be tech debt as well as new work. So becoming perm now feels like it’s 50-50 whether or not a new job will just mean being put into legacy stuff for a couple of years or doing something that is actually good.

I’ve been talking various people about roles in government departments (multiple different departments are hiring) and because priorities change none the gov recruiters can guarantee what the work is that they’re recruiting for actually is.
Just that the the big recruitment push is to bring work previously done by consultancies back in house. Presumably because consultancies have been fleecing them.

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    I'm starting to see a lot more contract dev roles that are outside IR35 appearing now, I think the UK contract market is picking itself back up after the government tried to kill it with the IR35 changes back in April.
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    Tempted to just go for it.
    Even inside ir35 i could make more than now but most importantly actually be busy
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    If it is WFH, couldn't you outsource your job to a guy in India? you just write an anonymizing application and access.
    JK. The access alone would be a possible felony. Your job sucks, man. Hope you can get an interesting one for an reasonable salary.
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    @JsonBoa not the first person to suggest taking a contract on the side.
    The snag is that at my place we do all this nothingness on a teams call all day long so I’m essentially ‘visible’

    One guy seems to just ghost it all tho can’t say I blame him.
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    Just got a notification about this post so thought I works give an update.

    I left this shit hole company in January and had a bit of a turbulent time for 6 months.

    But when one door closes another one opens and I recently joined a young consultancy & was promoted in the process. Obviously this company isn’t perfect but so far it’s great!

    Less contracted hours, more salary, and a much happier environment where you can talk to anyone from juniors to CEO - there’s no egos.
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