My annoying 19-yo nephew wants to drop out of CompSci to "create the next billion-dollar startup".
I told him I would give him 10 rupees (USD 0.10) for 0.000000001% percent of his "pass me the butter at the diner table" company.
He accepted. Thus, his "heritage protein logistics startup" had an series-A valuation of a billion American dollars!
Hopefully he will stay in college now.

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    Yeah well I had a private investor buy the same share in my company for 0.01 USD so I'm afraid you have some stiff competition
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    @AlgoRythm market segment. Pretty sure my nephew has cornered the market on my family's dinner table. Literally, I'm afraid.
    But there might be a business case for someone to bo back and forth to the kitchen and get the warm naan.
    I mean, an "horizontal carbohydrate just-in-time logistics" business case.
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