Cloud systems engineer is just a linux engineer with extra steps. Prove me wrong.

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    No. Cloud Systems Engineer is just another Human with some Brains

    There you go
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    But there's windows in that cloud.
    That's more then a few extra steps.
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    @C0D4 so there's linux at the bare metal , windows on a vm , you then use this to create more vm instances that run linux, that's cloud in a nutshell
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    WRONG !

    If you have ANY virtual machines (linux or not) in your cloud, you are doing cloud wrong.

    If you need to SSH into something in your cloud, you are doing cloud wrong.
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    @NoToJavaScript what should we have?
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    @EpicofGilgamesh well, it depends on your needs.

    (I'm using Azure as example, but I'm 100% certain aws and others have something comparable)

    for simple app (web+sql let's say), in azure : Web app service (not vm) and Azure SQL or cosmosDB.

    for something distribueted : Azure fabric or azure functions.

    for big problems solving or aproximations : Azure quantum.

    Bascilly using services already provided so you NEVER EVER need to worry about updates, administration of VM etc etc.

    It costs more, but it eliminates a lot of potential dangers and work.
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    @EpicofGilgamesh well, if it cost less than 10% of company MRR, I consider it good.
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    @EpicofGilgamesh also, i'm in a startup.

    Hioring a really good sysadmin is about 100k/year.

    Paying these "extra" fees for infra, doesn't even comme close. We are at 80k/year of coud fees.

    Basiclly we are "winning" because we don't need that person.
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    @EpicofGilgamesh and if you work in europe, we have a lot of points for ISO27001 and RGPD.

    Just by ther fact that only "our provider(Azure)" has data.
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