A brand new house built on top of poop will still sink

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    Did you know that if you bury a body in fresh concrete it will smell like rotting flesh forever?

    You will also see an outline of the body after it rains because the moisture will stay locked into the pores of the concrete.

    Lesson learned, always dump your bodies under the plastic and gravel when you build your house on top of your enemies.
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    @sariel TIL today. Thanks for the tips! lol
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    @sariel Does it still happen if the concrete is thick enough. I don't think water seeps that deep into the pores that much. And you'll need a thick layer anyway, that is, if you don't want a hole in the floor after the body has decayed.
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    @Avyy it can be 10 feet thick and still be the same.

    Capillary action from the pores in the concrete wick the oils and water out of the body. The only place for it to escape is through the surface since it's exposed to the air.

    By placing the body under the plastic and the gravel you allow decomposition to take place outside of the concrete.
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