Got paid Friday. I have just enough to pay rent, car payment and health insurance.

Bosses : check out my new car.

You're welcome.

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    Well I definetly see where you are coming from but at the same time, if everything goes to shit they will lose it all, basically they are in the risk. If you think you are that awesome to solo carry the whole company you should make one, and I will be the first one to cheer for you. But if you dont have the balls you shouldnt be envy...
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    3 dudes start a ecom company with some money they made while living with their parents. They need a dev to build sites, integrate with CRMs, integrate with email marketing software, and be able to get products into fulfillment. Most days, I'm at the office by myself while they're looking into their investment properties or whatever it is they do all day. 1 guy doesn't even come in any more.

    Do I think i could solo it? Yep. Do I have the money to do it? Not yet.
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    If you are this good get a raise or better paying job.
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    What's the point of ranting if I can't just rant?
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    Cant I throw in my 2 cents?
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    Company doesn't provide health insurance? That's bullshit.
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    Yep, I had to form an LLC. Handle my taxes too.
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    @MadHatrix Sounds like time to polish up that resume, my friend.
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    I work for a company that fucks me over in every way possible. Tax evasion, no benefits at all, underpaid and just abused. Listen to what they tell you here, go find another job.
    Don't be a shithead driving a 14 year old car because you can't afford the payment on a new one, let alone afford food for the house. Me.

    Listen to the devs, go find another job whilst you still have the time.
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    @jlave215 the main benefit I have is working 6 hour days and even some of that can be done at home. It just sucks seeing these guys barely do anything and pull in the money they do.
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