What monitor do you recommend for programming? I currently have a company DELL P2417H, but I have to replace it with a private one.

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    Preferably one that displays text
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    Just bought msi optix something for gaming & coding. Specs are 1440p 27" 165hz 1ms(lie, probably 5ms) VA curved. I dont prefer curved but this was on discount. Currently I don't have problems with it
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    @hack I actually buy gaming displays for all of my colleagues. Programmers or not 😅
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    To answer the question seriously though. I use Dell P2717H myself, and I'd really recommend going for dual 27" instead of tiny 24"
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    I use 1 benq zowie 27” horizontally and 2 benq 24” vertically (one on each side). I really need to get rid of all of it and get used to operating on a single monitor again though… very easily distracted between 3 monitors and when I have to work remotely on a laptop it’s a struggle getting used to a single monitor.
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    @ScriptCoded @AndroidFML isn't 1080p a little bit lower for 27" ?
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    @hack TBH it works well for me. I have a 4k laptop screen, and it's great, but 1080 is fine for 27" IMO. Though wouldn't complain if I had a 1440 😅
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    After getting used to a 27" 1440p, I wouldn't go smaller (unless I have to use a laptop on the go or something). Even the second monitor (not mine, company loaner) is of that size and resolution, and turning it into portrait orientation works wonderfully. My ideal setup would be a 34" (or even a 38") ultrawide and a 27" (or two) to the side(s).

    Get IPS if you can. Avoid PWM like the plague. If space is a concern, there are some 25" 1440p models you can consider. If you don't game (or if you do, but have a 3090 or something), 4K should be a consideration too.
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    For office work I recommend 27" 1440p IPS minimum, preferably at least 120 Hz. Those can be found around 200 € so not crazy expensive but definitely worth it.
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