Tired of staring at white background in github.
Searched for dark theme extension.
Guess what... My github is now dark.

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    Dark forces forever
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    @xp-bar https://chrome.google.com/webstore/...

    Need to do some configuration though. But worth it!
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    @Ullas Thanks for the link, mate! I knew about Stylish, but not that one.
    Gonna take a look!
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    Somehow, even though I am on the darkside for vast majority of stuff, I like to keep my Github white because I am used to it too much
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    Why settle for just making GitHub dark when you can literally get everything on the internet in dark theme? Just get DarkReader extention on Chrome. You're welcome.
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    @Ullas thanks for the link :D
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    Been using dark extentions for ages, absolutely love it, especially on coding platforms
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    See my last post. It works cross-applications
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    @darthranter you ... i love you man
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    And there is one for SO / FB and so on. Stylish is pretty much one of the best extension for Chrome. Also if you want a nice Github extension, check for "Octotree", it's useful if you are managing a fat repo with lots of folders and files in it.
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    I love dark theme better than white reduces how bright it is
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