👋 to all my fellows working on saturday.
Let's spill out the real reasons. I will go first :
Working because my manager wants to justify the salary. He wants the team to work more before going to december holidays. Although this one day doesn't make any difference 😑 😑😑😑😑😑😑

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    Are you actually working on something today? Or pretending to work just to keep your Manager satisfied?
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    His reasoning does not make sense
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    Naturally you are paid extra
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    Want to be a bit more prepared for a demo on Monday. Just some final tests and going over what I really want to share
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    Your manager better be getting things done today as well 😠
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    That's terrible. I would refuse.

    I know managers hsve this obsession with getting thing done before big holidays but the risk of unpaid labor during a period is that a) organisation doesn't realise the planning was too optimistic b) thw tempo in January will look slow cause people worked too much in December
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