Nothing like a personalised email from a recruiter

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    Ah the area of nothing. I know a thing or two about this. My buddy George and I once pitched a tv show to NBC about nothing. Didn’t pan out but George met his wife there.

    I should check in on those two, see how they’ve been doing over the years.
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    To be fair I get why they do that. The pretty text around the important part is just that, pretty text. Doesn't really mean anything.
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    Lol, that's silly.
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    Not letting this opportunity slide
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    tis some kind of new PLanguage.
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    I checked and you can make a “” repository on github so it’s valid message lol
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    @vane i wonder if you can call a project  (end of text) or other funky control characters. Rtl marker might be fun
    Also I may want to include the log4shell line in replies to those automatic messages.
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    @satibel any repository you make with special characters only will result in creating repository named:
    and after that you can’t make any new cause there is message that name already exists so they have some regex, I didn’t investigated if it’s frontend thing or backend and if you can exploit it.
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    at least there's no "{AREA}" placeholder... maybe they still copy-paste manually
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