If I was rich I think I'd donate to schools and children educational funds a lot

There's so much more that I've been able to learn about and do now that I have my own income stream and it's not just my dad supporting me and my 2 brothers himself. so I have the means to buy a server off eBay, or get books every few months on topics I find interesting, or upgrade my ram to an obscene 48GB to toy with ML and AI from my desktop when the whim arises, as well as all the stuff I'm learning to do with raspberry pi boards and my 3D printers, and the laptops I collect from people about to toss good fixable electronics

So I think I'd want to open the same doors for other children if I ever could who knows how much farther I could be if I had this same access when I was younger and didn't get access to my first 'personal' laptop when I was already 14 or 15 years old

I still consider my childhood 'lucky' and I had many opportunities other children couldn't get, but if I ever could I think I'd like to make future children have more opportunities in general

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    agreed. There are so much things like money to buy books - instead of donating a limited set of books, without even asking the kids what they want by showing some, or computers, that no one get up to pay.
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