As a Java developer, reasons to kill other programmers:

- static mutable variables
- WRITING to static mutable variables
- API call with Framework X didn't work. Add Framework Y along with X and try that. Wrap X in try/catch statement. Catch block fires framework Y.
- six, seven, ten levels of nested code. Zero thought put in organization
- 6K LOC Java files
- spring (singleton? Maybe) object assigning values in static mutable (see pt.1)
- a couple of unit tests in code base that no longer work. Zero unit tests in new code
- unit testing disabled in CI pipeline
- empty catch blocks
- pass mutable data between threads. Modify in various places concurrently.

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    - empty catch blocks

    I love the ones that have a comment in them that says:
    // Not sure what to do here...
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    Reason to kill other developers as a Cat:
    - doesn't know how to make an architecture
    - write before thinking
    - is a Java or any JVM language developer

    Sorry, I hate the JVM.
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    Other reasons:

    Catching an exception only to do nothing other than re-throw it.

    Logging stuff at INFO which should really be at DEBUG.
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