Wanna know why Windows sucks so much? It's because of the Windows users. No, really!

Windows user: But but but I can't switch away from Windows because MIMIMI!
Microsoft: Ah, is that so? Then why should we even try to make (and pay for) an effort?

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    It’s not user product but corporate one. M$ is not giving shit cause of corporate money. If some gov or big corporation that are their clients want to resign they send their dogs who harass and convince customers to stay. That’s millions of dollars every year lost so you can get a private plane and fly to push client with anything they want.

    To give example when city of Munich decided they’re switching to Linux, Microsoft opened their iot center there and Munich almost switched back but the Major lost.

    They don’t give a shit about users, cause they know regular user need to know windows and office to get a job.
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    Typical Linux user blames the end user and not the operating system.
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    Works on my machine
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    Mac is the worst os
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    I blame neither Windows, nor its users.

    I blame third party software vendors for not releasing cross platform products.
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