People are like programming environments, in basics all people are the same like all programming environments are the same, every programming language have a loop and conditions, numbers, strings and dates. The problem starts with syntax to write code or can you call it communicate with person. There are syntax errors, someone use functions and classes and that’s ok but someone is writing everything in one file and then it’s hard to communicate or change something. But the real problem are libraries or you can call it believes. Everyone is believing something but when you start using it and want some advanced functions there’s always something missing. When you want to contribute to fix that stuff you often can’t cause it’s closed source or maintainers are pricks. You end up writing wrappers and decorators, ignore malfunctions to somehow live with that problem. That’s called social skills.

We’re just programming environments. That’s all.

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    i think a better word than 'programming environment' would be a "software project" . all are build using similar languages, some have shitty libraries, some are a mess inside but outside, they just work
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    We are totally fucked up meat machines
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