This is not a 'developer' rant, but goddamn it I work remotely for a few weeks with kids on holiday and sometimes feel like there's no hope for them. I just had one clean up shit from the bathroom door, because apparently they don't know how to wipe their asses properly, and instead of learning from this mistakes they were more concerned about me interrupting their play time to make them clean the shit. Almost seven years old and such a fucking nimwit sometimes. Sometimes I feel like it'd be real helpful to just to spank them..

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    They sound like pretty normal kids to me 😀
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    So, spank them!

    I mean, maybe not for the shit thing... that's probably not worthy of corporal punishment, that's just more of a "what the fuck is wrong with you?!" exclamation kind of deal. But, people are a little too "oh, I could NEVER hit MY kid, I'm not a MONSTER!" these days.

    There are instances where it's the most effective way to express to a child "fix that shit NOW". And there are some kids that almost NEED that level of... interaction.

    It definitely shouldn't be frequent - it's gotta be a surprising thing when it happens to have the desired effect - and hitting anywhere but the ass I think is a no-go... but for some offenses, I 100% believe it's the right thing to do.

    Only problem is around 7 is around the age where spanking doesn't really work anymore, so you may have missed your chance.
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    Animals when rearing their babies do spank them to show boundaries. People are not animals, but they do exhibit animal type behavior. Reward the high road (essential), and de-incentivize the low road (also important). I have 7 children and we still struggle with this balance. Some of them have been special needs so that is even more challenging.
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    You definitely need to spank them. Because if you don't, they might start feeling too safe and trust you too much.
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