So I’m a new team lead for a group of awesome engineers. I feel like I’m too essential to this team, apparently they don’t do quite as well when I’m on holidays which worries me. I often try to explain what i know but it doesn’t seem to change the situation. I’m not getting specific feedback from anyone on how to improve my ability to disseminate information which might be because folks are intimidated/generally anxious. Does anyone here have any strategies to help others to grow and share your knowledge? Book recommendations are welcome too!

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    Lots of pairing and mobbing where they are driving.
    Lots of documentation, diagrams, etc.
    The more they do it and see it, the more comfortable they will get
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    One of the reasons managers exist is that people like to dodge responsibilities and leading. Doing what you're told to do is easy.

    A group that works autonomously without a manager wouldn't need a manager - and would contradict human individuality if they work good together.


    I usually remind people two weeks ahead that I'm on vacancy. The last week I do barely work - instead I try to wrap up every task outstanding and offer a daily meeting time for open questions. Middle to end of week planning of what everyone should achieve the next weeks and who's responsible for what. Plus contingency plans like "whom is allowed to contact me" (top of 2 persons) and under which circumstances.

    Plus the usual speech of what I expect and I'd absolutely forbid to do in my vacancy.

    Like "no changes in networking / infrastructure / continuous integration" unless approved by me.

    You can only set up the sandbox and make sure the kids sit tightly in it - when they decide to throw poop at each other or dig their heads up in sand, it's their choice.
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