My manager’s manager (my superboss)..

Every time we go for a design discussion, this guy goes into his own world of inspiration, motivation, religion and damn things.. the more you think of pulling him back, the more lame jokes he starts to crack, the more you’ll bring in work related talks, the more stupid his output will be.. it is now resulting in a late delivery date, a frustrated manager, and a frustrated team. Moreover he says, he’s inspired from Elon Musk, dafuq, I mean seriously? What part of his approach on productivity you actually got inspired by? Sleep?

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    Superboss? Grandboss? Who knows.
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    Also Elon musk is such a rediculous manchild. The only people to be inspired by him are deluded capitalists who think they stand a decent chance at becoming a billionaire if they only follow "these three easy steps", and people who fail to understand the sheer damage he causes by creating horrifying working conditions, destroying the planet and hoarding enough wealth to solve hundreds of the world's problems all at once and still have more money than the average erson can actually imagine.
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    @TheMatter13 he’s the boss we end up loosing our lives in games😅
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    Elon is my Idol ... But still he wouldn't do shit if he didn't had a good management under him that works independently
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