sometimes i miss the days when me nd my friend circle didn't had the burdens of being a wealth generator.

we were mainly hopeless nerds with awkward interactions and introvert natures, but in our own small circles, we would be the boasty dudes. we all won't have much money but would comment on how stupid those rich kids are , buying needlessly expensive stuff when cheaper alternatives exists. some of us would be coming in very awkward, sometimes ugly-ish clothes, but yet would be mocking the daily life rather than each other. hell we even once started a stupid chinese-food heist system and almost got caught

cut to present, i see my friends changing to become exactly those who we loathe, just because now they are earning good on their own. they have started preferring unnecessarily expensive stuff while loathing those who don't buy it , doing unnecessary parties being too much careless in expenses, while becoming excessively obsessed with body beauty. i feel good for them , but why not remember the fact that you are a fatass nerd with truck tires for a belly when you were stuffing those heist dumplings?

i also earn decently yet am proud to wear cheap clothes, buy cheaper alternatives and eat decently prized food stuff amd don't you dare tell me your "quality over quantity" , "premium rocks" , "its a class" bullshitery, asshole.

(although not as proud to be still socially awkward, that waa just stupid)

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    If you can avoid scams. Do so...
    Clothing industry is a scam.
    Diamond industry is a scam.
    Automotive industry is a legalized scam.
    Damn... even the food industry is a fucking scam.
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    @HitWRight think you forgot:

    - crypto is a scam
    - rent is a scam
    - pretty much anything which gets hyped by the general public is a scam
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    Work is a scam
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    @HitWRight sorry I didn't get it, but how is food industry a scam ? Do you mean those "luxury" food (like octopus and shit) industry ?
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    @StackSmasher123 John Deere's repairability non-sense, the food packaging, sugar, best use before labels.
    Just pick any one of them. ;)
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