My LinkedIn status is set to "not interested for work offers" so recruiters won't bother me. So I thought..

Recruiters be like: well screw that, I'll use the connect button and push my stupid generic message into his face anyways.

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    Oh sweet summer child 😁
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    you’re like woman with husband and two children keeping her tinder profile just in case
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    @vane Uhhh what? 😂
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    Those recruiters are usually required or at least incentivized by their firms, to make as many "serious" inquiries as possible for any given role. That means that your LinkedIn status is completely irrelevant.
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    Recruiters are so thirsty 😟
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    I really want a way to report recruiters for disregarding my profile info. Unfortunately, no platform is motivated to enable people in regulating their traffic.
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    HYPER INFLATION GROWTH is what I got today. Yea that sounds great 👍🏼 de ya then 😂😂
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