the mistake people keep making when they're happy about some new tech and its possibilities is that they keep forgetting we are being ruled, and the tech is being controlled and monopolized, by a cult of megalomaniacal, narcissistic, powerhungry, moneyhungry, ideologically fundamentalist control freak lizards who give exactly ZERO shits about people, or the quality of their products, or some vision/ambition of making things better for people/humanity.

you think "vr metaverse", and you imagine Oasis because you think it's being made by James Halliday, while, in reality it's being made by a team of Cthulhus so it would be closer to reality if you imagined the people pods that ensure your lifetime connection to The Matrix.

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    And it all started with pyramids.
    That’s how this world works.
    People brains didn’t changed much since then.
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