Can linux run well on a MacBook Pro to learn? Or should I throw it out the window and get a PC?

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    For newer macs the answer is generally No, running in a VM however should work just fine if its just for learning.

    If you intend to use linux as your primary OS you should get a proper linux laptop. I'd recommend lenovo https://support.lenovo.com/se/en/...

    Their RHEL and Ubuntu certified laptops just work(even if they shipped with windows)
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    I think it works fine unless you're with the newer generations (especially the arm one)

    At least that's what I've heard from mates.
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    @ItsNotMyFault @jaysteez

    A VM or a cheap VPS is good enough for learning purposes however I'd recommend against daily driving it. You also don't need to buy a "proper Linux laptop". You can put Linux on any laptop (as a dual boot) and it's probably fine.

    Most Linux distros compared to macOS or Windows are really unpolished and you are going to have to get your hands dirty quite often trying to fix random bugs or issues - maybe a good way to learn some stuff, but if your goal is also to be productive on this machine then I recommend only getting something easily disposable/configurable to play on like a VPS - 3-5$ / month. Save yourself the time and focus on more productive endeavors.
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    If the idea is to learn terminal (and is where you should start), there are free vps that are already good enough for such...
    That's how I did it...
    First free vps and terminal (with over 20 os reinstalls every time I fked up), then cheap vps for graphics, tests, learn how to use vnc, how to set a secure os...
    Only after I knew everything I traded windows for Linux (I like mint).
    Then I reinstalled windows just cause games :p
    And no, the game I wanted didn't work in Linux.
    Since I haven't use my pc for work except for some andruino programs and research I'm still using windows, but I still know how to use Linux by mostly command line.
    Ps, Vim sucks
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