Any boot camps worth it to become market ready. Still seeking proper degree but I’d like to work during that time as well. Thoughts?

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    Bootcamps are great if you need direction or need to ask questions in person. They’re pretty terrible at everything else, even as tutorials.
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    I do recommend this for free course, if you’re looking to get yourself ”market ready” for web dev:


    It’s a MOOC by University of Helsinki, which does cover quite a bit, albeit concentrating on React. I think you can get a certificate upon completion, and since it’s from a respectable Uni, it could also look good on your CV, I guess.

    PS., more free courses by Uni HKI’s CS dept here: https://www.mooc.fi/en/
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    I took an "ios development bootcamp" for 1 month and after it I was working in USA as mobile developer with a 100k salary.

    I took it with a company called "mobile makers"
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