My Boss: Let's do single page web but we wont use any framework.

And yes, how fuck I ended up myself with almost half 10k of lines.

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    just curious: why are you writing half 10k instead of 5k
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    @moars42 makes it seem bigger lol
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    Been there - done that
    Google didn't like and indexed shit
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    It probably would've been the same length or even longer if you included all the code from any framework.
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    That doesn't count delete the white spaces
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    Hope the website's not designed to make any money, Good luck trying to SEO that shit!
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    Get your CSS and JS out of your HTML fool!!
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    I think you're missing the point of an SPA, it doesn't literally mean a single page of code in your project...
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    For one thing you put two returns after each tag
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    Ever do a view source on Google.com?
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    @sylflo i think he hasn't skills for PHP
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    @Kimmax just curious. why wouldn't google index a 5000 line page? I mean most of it is probably text. I think it is not uncommon to have that much text on a website.
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    You do know single page sites, don't have to be single page code, right 😂
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    @godot thats what I thought too, the problem is that there properly is a good amount of display: none; etc involved and google doesn't like that in excess amounts. I tried structuring it better using HTML5 page, sections tags etc. but that didn't really help, so I ended up converting to a different approach,which is also way cleaner to write and maintain
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