the most incompetent person that ever worked with me had no proactivity, always waited for an explicit order to start to do anything and had absolutely no autonomy. this guy would frequently ask me stuff that he could find with a google search.

when the IT team was let go, the company lined me up for another job, and my boss actually told me "you work well so i can refer you, but i can't do the same for <that guy>". i honestly thought that was his first job, but no. i have no clue how he managed to work in a hospital before that.

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    Makes sense.

    Hospitals in America are notorious for being heavily reliant on redundancy and cya plans. This is because nobody wants to be blamed for killing someone and everyone is looking to pass the buck and IT is at the bottom of the sewage line that is American healthcare.

    The guy probably was just going through PTSD with all the changes that were taking place with zero oversight and no CAB approvals.

    I almost feel sorry for him, almost.
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    I hear its best to avoid hospitals if you want to live..

    If you do have to go, try and take someone who knows medical stuff so they can keep an eye on everyone else not doing the wrrong thing..
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    @darksideofyay I did, I saw you were from Brazil after I made my comment, but it still stands.

    @Nanos I can attest to this. I'm well versed in medical jargon and very observant(as most devs tend to be).

    If it wasn't for my observation and medical knowledge my partner would be dead right now most likely. Some medications you cannot mix, and nurses don't always read the charts correctly.
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    Once when I went to hospital with a friend, they mistook me for junior doctor !

    One of the nurses asked me if I was one, and I said that no I wasn't, she then said better not tell anyone else, since they thought I was by the way I would order people about and knew stuff.

    I found I developed that skill in certain organisations who would just do what I said, rather than me asking if they could do it, where the answer would normally be no. :-)

    Interestingly, if you do order folk about, no one really ever checks if you have the authority to do so, they just assume you must have, since why else would you be acting like their boss. :-)

    It really helps to get important things done, rather than trying to go through the proper channels I found.

    And it doesn't leave a paper trail. :-)

    Since hardly anyone ever asks you to sign anything..

    "I've come to collect XXX" for example, with a stare of authority in your eyes and voice.

    Rather than "Can we have a XXX ?"
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    @Nanos I wish i could do that. as a girl i found that this type of thing doesn't work for me. people get aggravated, say i don't know what I'm talking about and generally dismiss me. even the "good guys" just run over me until i cave (but since I'm stubborn as hell they get a headache instead 😂).
    i can tell it's something related to gender because i was shortly in a team of women, and the vibe was entirely different, what i said was taken as i was the authority in matters relating to development
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