I found this old printout of my username and password for my school account from ca 2008. I really like how the password are the same as the username except for some capitalization 😂😅


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    Do it like my father...
    30 char passwords that he can remember.
    He never does tough :p
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    I mean it is good enough and you are most likely suppose to change that on first login anyway.
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    @GyroGearloose you have invented a true random number generator. Just setup a password field replace browser plugin and use the input for the generator.
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    2⁴ combinations right there better name sure nobody gets your username
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    Na my dad does it easyer.
    3 or 4 words related to the site /service
    3 or 4 numbers.
    Easy to remember right?
    If he always remembered the combination he uses heheh
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    I use uncommon words with a typo.
    Easy to remember, can't forte brute it with a dictionary.
    Then a combination of numbers :p
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    @GyroGearloose put a typo in the number as well for extra security 😁
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    Lemme guess: that 21 number is not even random it's based on the year your account was created
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    @jiraTicket birth month and day
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