"Haskell is weird/challenging" is the worst reason to not learn Haskell.

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    Hey, that can be a pretty good reason to not learn a language.

    That Haskell basically is as purely functional as it gets, might be the more common reason though...
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    @Oktokolo on the other hand, Haskell being pure fun lang is the best reason to learn it - since learning Haskell also teaches you functional programming. And every dev’s better off learning that, even if they never wrote a line of pure fun code after that or used Haskell anywhere.
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    Not sure about "the worst" part, but definitely it's an excuse.
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    While it is always good to know more tools, the functional paradigm really isn't for everyone.
    And proper type systems like Haskell's can easily overwhelm unexperienced coders.

    You can learn the basics of functional design in all the major languages today - they are all multiparadigm and support higher-order functions by now.
    You don't need curying, tail-call optimization, functors, monads, algebraic data types... to grasp the concepts of purity or function composition. And that two are the most important ones.
    Immutability of data and its benefits are harder to get in the common languages. But you can learn that at the OOP camp too...

    So if Haskell turns out to be a bit too much, just going for a less "pure" language and learning the basics there, should also work just fine.
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