Well fuck me. Just went to my first meetUp with a group of Haskell programmers.

I think they broke Enigma in 3 lines of code.

Serious shit.

Hats off to those guys!

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    But how long where the three lines? Lines in Haskell can get pretty long.
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    @eksdee4 Code stats people don't care about the length of lines of code, just the number of lines of code. They forget that code has multiple dimensions.
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    Sorry to disappoint.... It was just a metaphor.

    But there were probably 20 lines of code and infinite fucking about to manage dependencies.

    Apparently dependencies in Haskell sucks!
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    for comparison how many lines are needed in Java Script? 😄
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    Alan Turing must be proud.
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    @nzeetee Cabal is well named, it's a good way to end up in hell.

    Things got a bit better with stack... But still, the truth is that package management is a hard problem. (Read this: https://medium.com/@sdboyer/...)

    And what happens when you throw Haskell devs an unsolvable problem? They won't interpret it dynamically... They just label it unsolvable, throw a type error, respond with _|_, and they'll go on philosophizing about category theory while drinking whiskey in front of their fireplaces.
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    @bittersweet ROFL!! 😂😂😂
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