everything is going as planned! :)
Learned Rust Lang. i loved it (that doesn't mean i am done learning na? No! never stop)
new language i could do game memory hacking in without worrying about C++ memory leaks or issues. it also compiles to assembly! another of my favorite languages!
(i use rust for game development and other stuff)

i am not leaving C / C++ though that would be harsh!,

i abandoned javascript for react and typescript.
to be honest the developer just made javascript and left us with a [object Object]

finished learning the android java api so im basically set anything i want to make i can just go on my pc, listen to music and write it out in a couple of days.

well phazor what are you going to do now?!
i will code till i am old.
i will leave my mark like a shid that made its skid in the bowl :)

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    do you have links to beginners friendly resources ?
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    great to hear someone is doing progress, but you do NOT want to code till ur old. u wanna gradually build a way enabling u to get paid more for less code monkey business
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    To be honest, the developer of js made it almost as a hack in a few weeks and never really anticipated what it would become

    But it then became the web standard and once all browsers supported it we where stuck.

    Any new or changed feature needed to be backward compatible and also agreed upon and supported by all or developers learned to avoid them.

    Typescript and others are trying to go around this and the new web-assembly will make a huge difference given time.
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    @sleek depends on what you put in the word code.

    As a code monkey just building on demand I agree, that gets boring, but coding as such, especially if your also doing actual development is something I want to keep doing till I am old :)
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    @ilechuks73 Hm. which language? if its rust then i usually use youtube or the rust docs then apply that information on my own cargo packages.
    i never use youtube to "how to do this in rust"

    Rust Docs: http://web.mit.edu/rust-lang_v1.25/...

    Rust Playground: https://play.rust-lang.org/
    if this is the wrong language i mentioned let me know
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