**Nasty Sneeze**

Fuck Omicron!!

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    Omicron is sooo last year. We are on flurona now. Keep up with the narrative please.

    Also, don't forget people can catch and die from Climate Change (somebody in Canada). The cold can also now cause blood clots and heart attacks.
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    @Demolishun Flurona is a combination of Flu and Covid if I’m not wrong.

    And thank you helping me shit my pants with your wisdom about climate change and heart attacks.

    Constipation = GONE.
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    My coworkers became major hypochondriacs in the span of this pandemic. Clearing your throat is now reason enough for them to treat someone like a fucking leper. With this Omicron BS, I'm gonna pack up and start WFH just so I don't deal with their faggotry.
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    @monzrmango i know exactly what you’re saying bro. More power to you 🙌
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    Well, you have to be careful as the death flu isn't just a cold. Better not be near the ill and lame...
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    Omicron is basically asymptomatic, right? Why is it scary? Right, you didn’t say it’s scary. It’s hard to keep track with all the fearmongering I hear every single fucking day.

    Hell, my boss (second boss; I’m in two teams) sent me this large, handmade leather “FULLY vaccinated ♥” tag thing with my name stamped and burned into it. (And like, I’m not? I caught covid already, so getting the shots would just be silly.) But like, the thing isn’t a luggage tag, and doesn’t have a pocket or anything so it’s really pretty useless. It’s just big and ugly. It’s like he made these as some sort of badge of honor for people to wear, and gave them to all his reports as Christmas gifts. It’s so bizarre. Virtue signaling, I suppose?
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    @Root it’s a runny nose. I could understand the hype if it eats into your lungs like the classic COVID-19 but people are freaking out bc a virus that leads to a little nose boogies is “HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS”. So if you find yourself grabbing tissues, board yourself in and call 911 lol.
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    We all have a cold at work. Runny nose, slight occasional cough. Nobody has lost sense of taste that I know of. Maybe it is cold and flu season like every year except last year. Weird how flu disappeared last year.
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