If you want to make a startup but don't because there is a similar product or "every niche is already occupied", quit thinking this way.

Yahoo could once easily buy Google. They even received the offer but rejected it. But as for now, Yahoo is nothing.

Tumblr was once a top social network, but they crumbled. Foursquare once was preinstalled to smartphones, and now it pretty much doesn't exist.

Blackberry was a giant, the number one smartphone manufacturer. Where are they now? It wasn't betrayal like it was with Nokia and Stephen Elop.

Matter of fact, I'm now working for the company that entered a heavily occupied niche and over the course of three years pushed every competitor out.

Sometimes giants crumble. Small products crumble way more often, just because there are more of them.

There is always enough room in every niche of every industry. Just enough for your startup. Now, as you can't hide under "it's already occupied, and I can do nothing about it" mindset, the only reason your startup won't make it is that you don't work on it. Yes, accepting it is way less comfortable than hiding, but now you're able to change things. You _can_ do something about it.

Evaluate your goals, ask yourself whether making this startup would be just wasted time in case it never takes off, and if you think it's still worth doing, do it.

There is always enough room for your masterpiece.

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    @rEaL-jAsE yahoo was the supposed feeling you would get when you fond something on their search engine. Sadly I - at that time - found more stuff on altavista and google. Yahoo was full of itself and still is. Still one of the top 5 search engines?
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    I think if your product is better, than yes go ahead.

    If worse, don't..

    Trying to figure out what to measure to determine if your product is better or worse, is I grant you difficult !

    I often find the support forums of the competition really useful, because if a bunch of folk are asking for X, and the company isn't doing it, and your product has X, then you could be in with a chance.

    Though, I'm not sure really the term chance is correct, since I tend to think, if your product is better, it will sell.

    I've seen worse products have a ton of advertising, all over the mainstream media, everyone knows about it, but it was a bad product and no one brought it !
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    @jasonpezzimenti oh damn I forgot about hotbot! And hotmail! Damn you mickeysoft!
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