!rant Taking the kittens (they’re like 5-6 years old at this point but they’re always going to be kittens to me) to our old vet (45 minute drive from where we currently live) in a couple hours when they don’t like car rides or the vet and when we know they need to get vaccine shots and we’re not allowed to go inside with them. It’s the first time we’ve ever taken them to the vet and not been able to be there with them. 😭 I’m so nervous/anxious/scared for the little guys.

Wish me luck, friends.

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    It was a new veterinarian for us (same vet clinic), and she was AMAZING. Knowledgeable AF. Cats seem way calmer than they usually are, and she gave a lot of great advice on how to make this a more chill experience for them in the future. Both little dudes got a clean bill o’ health and three-year vaccines. ❤️
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    In cages with plenty of paper for when they are sick ?

    I have plenty of experience with animals being sick on me in cars when travelling !
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    There is always 50% chance my belly's gonna make harlem shake going by car. It's 120% on animals, I'd imagine.
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    @Nanos @vintprox They don’t actually get sick in the car, which is good. Tomcat does tend to freak out when he’s going to be taken out of the carrier and nervously wet himself in response, though. Which usually has Bob hissing at him on sight for weeks afterward. Though they’re cuddled up to each other right now! So I guess we cut the time down a LOT this trip, which is also super great.
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