If women really were paid lower for THE SAME (!! this is important!) job as men, greedy companies would only hire women to save money.

It's more complex than that. The real problem with gender discrimination in STEM lies before jobs happen. It's in the uni where "smart" boys harass girls just because there are more of them. No, she doesn't code "good enough for a girl", she codes good enough, period, full stop.

If you disagree, tell me how exactly Cathie Wood single-handedly crushed Nikola motors, exposed their scam and earned shitload of money on it? How come she's a top of the top hedge fund money machine manager? According to propagators of "patriarchy", this shouldn't be possible, especially in a conservative field of financial institutions.

Every act of gender discrimination in both ways should be prosecuted. I did it personally on several occasions. But there is nothing more to it. I got called out and harassed for my sexual orientation and identity more times than I care to mention. But it wasn't because society somehow united to systematically oppress just me. It's just because that harassers and ONLY that harassers personally were fucking douchebags, and there is nothing more to it.

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    it's not that simple. sometimes we think the bottom line will matter more to them, but sometimes bigotry wins.
    see companies that are vocally against the LGBT? that's a significant portion of the clients they're alienating.
    there's been a study that proved that women are more likely to buy clothes if they see models with a body like theirs, but they still use skinny supermodels.
    bigotry just wins sometimes 🤷 and no, it's not logical, it's no use rationalizing it
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    women labor is cheaper because it is already devalued. "not as good", "what if she gets pregnant and takes a leave" and if they think it's not as worth, it's harder to get a job, and then we accept a lower wage. we also end up accepting a lot of bs because everywhere else will be the same, and maybe this isn't as bad as it gets
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    One reason they offer less to women might be because they don't actually want to employ women in senior positions. At least some companies are like that. They want to get away with paying less, of course, but they also think a female employee is worth less and they're likely to get more value for their money with a male employee.

    It's a really twisted way of looking at the world but it's how some people in positions of power think.
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    Also salaries are intentionally mystified. The taboo works in employers' favor, ensuring that only people who are willing to douchily negotiate for salary receive top compensation. Statistically, that is men, and not women. I do it because I'm an extrovert with experience in the hiring process, and I know it's important to get as much as I can for a role. But my inclination to negotiate has nothing to do with my actual value as an employee, just as a lack of inclination in someone else has nothing to do with their value.

    Women, and especially people of color, are offered less money for compensation, but they're also offered fewer jobs.
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    It is an interesting phenomenom ain't it? In some instances it might be, in some it may not. But I just chuckle because I remember during a hiring process, one of our candidates was a female programmer, to which one of the devs said "what if she gets pregnant?" to which I replied that her ability to get pregnant by virtue of being born a woman does not take value from the knowledge and technical prowess she might bring to the team, also that our institution would be even better for her since pregnant women are tolerated more than in other places.

    Someone then DID say that those things need to take into account at the large scale such as pay etc because it was not fair for her to be able to receive appropriate compensation and then just leave on the event of her getting pregnant.

    I honestly saw it as bullshit. Sorta sexist, sorta unfair. If males required similar acomodations for something that is just natural to our organism, you bet yo sweet bippy that there would already be given
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    omg how is this nonsense infecting this place too, now?
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    stop being ridiculous and making excuses about systems of systemic systemism. people behave according to their free choices. if they choose to give up in the face of adversity, it's because their determination wasn't strong enough, not because someone made fun of them for what genitalia they have, or for any other reason.

    in the normal world, we used to call it "weak people". current clown world forces us to call it "oppressed women".

    i refuse to submit to this harmful cultist dogma, and you should too.
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    everyone faces adversity and discrimination based on who they are. if there's a systemic problem, then it's the ridiculous narrative claiming that this is not normal, and that it's exclusive to women/alphabet soup snowflakes.
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    you know what i get told when i complain that everywhere around me is just indifference at best, but usually adversity and doubt about me?

    "stop whining and start proving them wrong."

    you know why? because i'm a man, so ain't nobody gonna coddle me like they do a woman/child with bullshit about "unfair systemic systems of sexism", and how it's not my fault but the world's fault, and how it's not me who should become better and stronger and more resilient, but it's the world that should become softer and more patronizing and coddling towards me.

    how's that for sexism for ya?

    and which approach will make people more successful in life you think? when you agree with people's whines about how everything's cruel to them and it shouldn't be, or when you tell them to shut up, suck it up, and learn to prevail anyways?

    that's where the achievement gap comes from - those who learn to stop whining and suck it up manage to achieve. those who are coddled to don't.
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    when a man has difficulties, or fails to achieve, it's because he's a worthless loser.

    when a woman has difficulties or fails to achieve, it's because the world is systemically designed to keep her down.

    (have you ever noticed how the women complaining about systemic oppression keeping them down have cozy, well paid, office jobs, or overpaid speaking gigs and overpaid bullshit "gender equality officer" positions? you never hear a sewage worker female complaining, or a garbage worker woman complaining. take a guess why that is. and you never hear garbagemen or sewage worker men complaining about being kept down. you know why? because they're happy to have a job, because they don't live under the entitled expectation that anyone is obliged thus going to give a shit about them beyond their utility to said person. but women have this innate expectation that everyone should value them highly and care for their well-being automatically and always, even more than they themselves do...)
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