my quest for the next laptop. (previous discussions: https://devrant.com/rants/5050863)

i have decided on going with a macbook , since non apple laptops are coming with defacto flaws(poor battery life and uncomfortable screen) whereas macbook m1 are coming with flaws that will hopefully get automatically eradicated(aka lack of support from various softwares. i got an official response from google that more emulators are going to be supported in next few months :D)

furthermore i researched a bit on macbook prices and holy shit the mgmt at apple has really gone all numbers on it.
based on my previous results on what combination of ram/ssd/processor will last next 5-7 years for me, i put 1tb and 16gb ram as constants and the mac's product/processor lineup was very fascinating to me as a developer

here is a summary : https://imgur.com/a/7QQDtu1

basically if i ignore the gpu ,
apple macbook air = the price of 30gm gold (and will easily last 4-5 years for the mentioned combination)

apple mbp = air + a fan + inr 30k . holy shit, m1 macs rarely run fans even for big projects and an external fan is just rs 2000

apple m1 pro = apple mb air + fan + 2 additional cpu cores + 85k . so just a 2 core addition = 4 threads addition for a price of an intel i5 8th gen laptop.

so folks i am thinking of cheaping out a little and buying the air . what do you think, is macbook air's higher end model (i.e the one i have in the image ) worth for a fullstack dev?

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    You do you but if I were looking for a notebook that lasts me for 5-7 years I would not go with 16 GB RAM. Beware that you probably cannot upgrade it yourself.

    Although if there is no software for it, you might not need that much RAM.. /s
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    Poor battery life and uncomfortable screen? I haven't noticed any issues with the battery or the screen on my XPS laptop in the couple years I've had it. It was cheaper than a MacBook at the time and as a bonus I don't have to deal with m1 compatibility issues.
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    @EmberQuill i checked dell's website for my country and they are serving the max model of xps 15 512 gb i7 11th gen , and that too at a larger price compared to mac air https://dell.com/en-in/shop/...

    i researched a lot in this area. xps I believe is one of the few non apple laptop series that are equally as good as apple laptops, with their good screens and build quality. but the speeds of m1/m1 pro laptops just kill the intel processors by long miles, making them a very expensive yet better than the competition
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    @saucyatom is 16gb really not that much? i am yet to see a software that takes more than 5 gb of ram . also
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    If this is a 5-6 year plan, go for the MBP. I’m still happy with a 2014 MBP, and there’s nothing modern it really can’t do.

    I’ve gotten a 2018 MBP and a Lenovo Thinkpad from work recently, the MBP is just leaps and bounds better to use.
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    @jeeper this, the lifeline of the MBP is really something to consider. These computers are really good and last a long time. Own 3, 1 for the wife, 1 personal and 1 for work (work provided actually) and the number of issues i've had with all 3 of them are 0.

    The air is a pretty good laptop as well OP, considering buying one myself but I am doing more research on that cpu before I buy.
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    I am an owner of a late 2021 MacBook Pro (with a base model M1 Pro CPU, 16GBs of RAM and 1TB of storage), and I have to say: this laptop has some crazy battery life while also possessing tremendous power. I see this as a worthwhile investment.
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    @EmberQuill there are no M1 compatibility issues.

    That's the whole point of Rossetta, to make all software that was made for x86 work with ARM, while preserving about 80% of the performance.
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    And I will add I’m critical of Apple on many fronts, especially the ability to repair their stuff. But even if you have to get repairs done on it and it’s a headache, before and after the repairs you still had a better experience. You might have a better repair experience with like Lenovo or dell, but your overall experience will be worse.

    The MacBook Air is also know to be less repairable than the MacBook Pro, so that is something to consider also.
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    @prodigy214 Depends what you're doing, but admittedly I don't know how RAM-hungry Mac software is nowadays. It's just that I would see 16 GB as bare minimum nowadays, unless talking about a budget device (which a Macbook certainly isn't). If you wanna regularly work with VMs I'd recommend more, but that's a specific use case.
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