"We are from <Company Name> and wanted to reach out to you in regards to a management level software position, we liked bla bla bla about your resumee and would like to discuss some options with you"

Me: "oh interesting! I just worked with your company last week helping one of our departments implement one of your solutions into their area"

Recruiter: "We know :D"

I am kinda wondering if this is considered poaching

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    They know too much already. Flee while you can! 😳
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    Unless you directly compete with the company, which I doubt if you're implementing their solution, legally? No I don't think so.
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    @ScriptCoded one of their developers was talking to me about tech things while we were on the phone call, it was a very chill relaxed conversation and the guy was a pleasure to work with, we ended up clicking and he is still my primary point of contact to the institution. My guess is that he thought it would be cool for them to reach out based on that. I've only talked to two of their devs, this dude and one of his employees and both seemed extremely chill.

    Could it all be a tactic?? Let us find out more in the next episode of: It is a programmer's market and people are leaving their desk jobs for more lucrative options from their home office space.

    Main perk for me: I get my own toilet, the one I clean and don't have to share with....the public
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    @demortes fair point my g, fair point indeed
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    @AleCx04 Yeah, it actually sounds kinda nice. Had a cool interaction with a dev from another company in a meeting where he was evaluating our code base. We nerded out about neat CD flows which were completely irrelevant while my boss just sat there not understanding a word of what we said. I wouldn't be sad if his company contacted me tbh.
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    @ScriptCoded and that is a really cool thing, being able to nerd it out with people that follow your passions. At my office it seems that the most invested one in tech is the manager.....which is me. My guys rarely ever find out the time to learn or toy with new things.

    Heck, a rather large reporting from db to pdf tool that we currently have was pieced out by me using Go, if I were to leave they would be stuck with it, but I was not about to use their main tools for doing so since the data was just so massive even in batches it would have been a pain in the butt
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    @AleCx04 Yeah, I really do wish I could work with passionate people. People who really love what they do and care about doing it well and slick. And as you said, sharing the same passion as one self.
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