Me: “Hey boss, you assigned these things to me that I’m not qualified for and have no experience in. We should really hire someone with the specialized skills in this”

Boss “I agree. It’s a role I desperately think we should have hired for a long time ago”

Me “Ok so about these tickets the-“

Boss “I need you to write up a justification for this role, what kind of work the person would be doing and what budget implications we will incur”

Me “You’re asking me to write a job description for a class of work I’ve already admitted I have no experience or qualifications doing MYSELF?”

Boss “Correct”

Me “and I’m still responsible in the meantime for getting these other tickets done still aren’t I?”

Boss “Yes”

Me “Very well. I’ll email you a recap of this discussion then so we can come back to it later when we start hiring for the role”

(and so my ass is sufficiently covered when I inevitably bring down prod and people start asking why I broke prod)

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    Apparently it doesn't involve touching computers
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    If you're not a manager it's literally not your job to do the job description. But nice covering you're ass.
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    Never worked in a company where just buying experts whenever they might be needed would have been an option.
    You can go very far by just grazing knowledge of the web...
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    @Oktokolo I agree with the "whenever they might be needed" part, but when the leadership cadre tells you they've been thinking about hiring an expert for a role since "a long time ago", it probably doesn't count as a 'just because' hiring decision anymore.

    I know what lane I'm in, and I'm not against learning new stuff either, but experience also tells me these tasks aren't something you just go fuck around with after a few hours of googling and stackoverflowing--as popular as that seems to be for some people in this field, especially when there's PII involved.
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