So I've got my first sort of proper gig. I'm tasked with writing...

A goddamn minecraft plugin in java.
Well, it's actually rather fun strangely enough. My ideas of payment were not declined but rather accepted, the other devs are nice and everything is going well for now.

Also: Do expect a mental breakdown post next week or so

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    I swear i had so much fun writing minecraft plugins back when i was a teen both for private use and other servers. And earned decent amount of money at the time as well, so that was nice.
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    What's the money in these?
    I thought about doing so, too.
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    @nitwhiz Not "very much" per se. I have some rough ideas and told them, but it would go against my personal ideologies to set a fixed price for a product, which may not please the client
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    @nitwhiz Really depends on if you kinda "freelance" or work as a "contractor" for a server and really depends on who you do work for.

    When i did it was before the EULA change and back then the money generating for servers was ridiculous, we are talking about ten thousand of dollars. Not even that big again maybe around 100-200 player servers with 13 years old running them.

    Most of the value is likely that you could do a single project where money you get would be considered pretty easy with not that much effort put into it.

    But overall its not compearable to a decent salary.
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    @Frederick well... idk - 10k per month does sound pretty lucrative...
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    Will await in excitement
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    @theKarlisK I think that is what the server generated, not really what the dev got, but yes, some servers used to have quite a big budget.

    My daughter did some landscaping for a couple of them and while it was not a livable income, for a 14-15 year old any income is money to spend ;)
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    @Ranchonyx @Frederick thanks for the intel.
    It's not that i need the money or something, just asked out of pure interest.

    I imagine it a fun challenge to make money with modding games (lets call plugins modding too)
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