Programmers are everywhere. I found professional Programmers in unrelated hobby groups twice.

Even my boyfriend had JAVA coding experience to build some private server following online tutorials.

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    I don't find any :(
    Programmers... Makers...
    Only one in my current job has the same hobby as me (building machines) but the personality of a skunk...
    Only thing I talk at work is complaints (because it sucks) and sex...
    I don't like futebol and cars so that's what I can talk about...
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    If I remember correctly programmers snd developers is the largest profession here in Stockholm and I have found multiple devs among acquaintances and friends.

    Not found any out side work to do any hobby work with yet though.
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    I recently got into Na'vi (blue people language from Avatar) and I was surprised at how many code-literate people I found who were actively building and maintaining services surrounding the language and community
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