Hi all, how do you deal with imposter syndrome?
I just joined a new job 3 mths back and am struggling with feeling productive. I feel my manager thinks I might be incompetent as my project deliveries are getting delayed.

I was burnt out as last job and it hasn't been easy picking up domain knowledge in a new workplace esp with wfh.
Any advice on how to deal with such a situation ?

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    Have the same struggles and I'm 6 months in and manager wants me to know everything.... There's just too much. I've had thoughts of job hopping but I've heard this is a bad motivation. But with time you'll get better, I promise, everyone has their own pace. You've made it this far, you know how to do your work (or know how to learn to do it)
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    By downvoting everyone who pretends to have impostor syndrome.
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    Trust me bro, they hire you because you met their standard, in the mean time focus on single scope rather than trying to aces on everything. You got your own pace, cheers
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