I always hated in school computing lessons when the teachers pet students would snitch on you for getting around the school network stuff.

Many people in the lesson would always play games instead of doing what they were meant to. So the teacher turned off the internet in the room using the admin control stuff. Then when I found a way around it all so I could watch some educational YouTube videos, the stupid teachers pet would snitch on me. Luckily the teacher knew I wasn’t using it to mess around, always felt good when he said that I could access it because I’m the biggest security threat to the school.

Did you ever have issues with snitches in computing lessons?

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    Not really, but on the other hand we did not have internet at all in school, it only really arrived to Sweden during the last years in school and then it was only on universities and any resources was only more or less educational so there was not really much to goof around with that would not be in line with learning unless you tried to hack things like other students or teacher accounts and I never did that.
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    we always had a silent agreement not to snitch. anyone stupid enough to do something like that would be hated by the entire class 🤷 it's not cool

    that said, people did wild things during class lol the boys would straight up play cs together, and we all had a copy of meatboy on our pendrives. internet access was never banned tho, even when they were caught, and i think that's wise, it seems like a stupid countermeasure
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    Wait until you work in an office. You'll want to exterminate the pets. I walked out of my job 10 years ago after being victimized and terrorized. Won't go into it here, but I haven't worked since. If I interviewed for a job and I was offered the job, before accepting it, I would say the following, or something very similar, "Would you please identify for me the ass kissers? You know, the ones who show up late, talk about their nights out, show their baby pics, do little to no work, unless foofoo catalogue is work, leave early, take long lunches, and never get called on the carpet? That way I won't go batshit fucking cray watching this fuckery as I'm attempting to adapt to the modern torture you're about to put me through." Then I'd walk out.
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    @bols59 wow, I guess it’s good to prepare now I know those people make it into jobs 🥲
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    Internet? YouTube?
    There was none of that at school.
    We used BBC micros.
    There was nothing worth fooling around with on those things

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    @TrevorTheRat we actually had some ABC-80’s and in the final year a micro-vax mini computer with x-window terminals.
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