oh to be a new cs student and to be excited about programming and coming up with solutions... i feel quite nostalgic about it, that sense of wonder

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    I still have it 9 years later
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    That was few years back. Now everything comes the way i want with few issues.
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    I wish I still had it in me
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    @LLAMS you're lucky.

    My spirit and creative spark is dying.
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    If you want that sense of wonder again, just apply for a lot of programming jobs. They'll have you write algorithms, talk about programming paradigms and best practices that you learned in CS, but will need in neither your current, nor the job they're offering. But boy were we trained to do these interviews and technical tests! 👊
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    @eeee i find anything remotely corporate to be soul sucking. i wish i could spend time on personal projects, but that's not feasible
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