I was 7 years old, and my mom’s friend brought me their old computer as a new year present. I was absolutely happy that day, because I wanted my own computer as far back as I can remember. I spent that evening exploring russian psychological (!) sex quiz (!!) with pictures (!!!) :D I found it on C:\

Actually no, there is an earlier memory. I was four, and I really wanted to mess around with my sis’ computer, it was some kind of holiday, maybe the new year as well. They won’t let me do it, and being an engineer, I took a rectangle-shaped candy box and made a “laptop” out of it. I remember drawing the screen, the icons and stuff. And plastic mold that actually handles candy, I turned upside down, and the candy cavities became sort of “buttons” I could press.

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    My first experience was using an ancient PC that had DOS as OS.

    We played "field of wonders with Yakubovich"
    And I guess first Doom.

    The earliest memory I can remember PC as a wish.
    When I was somewhere between 4 to 9 years old.
    I saw Tom and Jerry episode with moon remotely controlled robots via the PCs.
    My imagination made me drawing it in paper and having it at sofa, still remembering it.

    And my PC ownership began exactly at 10th birthday with Windows XP and games Gun Metal and Battle Engine Aquila.
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    @darkwind that Yakubovich stuff hit really close to home
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