i was probably 4 or 5, my mom brought some educational games from school and I'd often play them. I don't remember a time before computers though

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    Wow. So you were basically using computers since you could remember.
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    @-red i was using a computer before i could write my own name 😂
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    "I dont remember a time before computers though."

    Neither does john connor.
    We call those "the before-before times."
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    Lately I've also been thinking about the period of my life before computers. And I began to remember my first computer games. Most of them were also educational. Compared to today's games, they were so simple in terms of graphics, but so cute. I even started nostalgia)) I thought to create a channel with a review of old games. Most likely, you will first have to collect an audience from https://streamerplus.com/, but I am sure that the channel will quickly become popular. Bet I'm not the only one.
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    @JohnCamp i liked zombinis
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