ugh apple has so unfair advantage with safari that i feel anger for chrome and google to be stupid enough to let this go and not sue.

run 40 tabs on safari, each with videos running actively in each tab, it won't even flinch.
run 2 tabs on chrome with static content, and its using 17.5 gb of ram and running 432 threads

m1 laptop. and my total ram is fucking 8gb!

and obviously enough, safari has neither any good extensions nor a good ui and nor a fucking android app to sync history.

browser wars are stupid and making me mad every breath. should i choose between being the dunbest fuck nd run everything in a smooth running browser without any features or should i run in a nice dat syncing browser with great community BUT IS KILLING MY RAM ,BATTERY AND MAKING ME REBOOT EVERY 30 MINS!!!

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    on a less angry note, what is better for a processor though: one app taking 1.5 gb and running 50 threads or
    4 apps taking 100-200 threads and 400mb of ram?

    because if later is the case then i may think od using postman and slack native apps. although i love using everything from a browser
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    on a similar note does other os like windows and linux have any vendor lock-ins , as apple does with iosdev/xcode/swift ? basically if you don't own an apple product, you can't learn any of these legally
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    I had to install chrome on my windows machine to cast youtube vids. This is my only use case for Chrome. I searched for other browsers that could cast, but it seems they cannot easily cast.
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    @prodigy214 lol at browsing the web with Postman. Linux has no vendor lock-in, it has the opposite (vendor lock-out, eg firefox can't play h264-encoded mp4 video's, poor support for proprietary drivers).

    AFAIK recent versions of all popular browsers have become memory hogs (& especially w. Extensions). Chromium is ok, but then again I never watch 40 vids simultaneously. Guess they're thinking the hardware is evolving fast enough
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    chrome is safari that google fucked up, historically they only went mainstream cause they forked and rebranded safari and advertised it on their website as best browser in the world, right after they gained enough market share they fucked it up

    that are facts nobody want to believe lol
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    @vane Interesting, I went for a search and learned some things.
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    Did I get you right? Google should sue Apple because Safari is not eating a retarded amount of RAM?

    Regarding Xcode, Swift and iOS:
    The are no legal restrictions to use it on other platforms: See Xamarin for example (iOS dev on Windows).
    Swift is officially supported on Linux for ages and you can also use it on Windows for years.
    Xcode has alternatives like AppCode and Visual Studio and VS Code.
    Nothing is illegal or impossible.
    The only technical limitation is that you need Apple hardware to build iOS. Which you can connect to from Windows or Linux.
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    Not sure what is going wrong...

    In windows 10 here with 20 open tabs in Chrome : less than 1GB ram usage.

    Simple math = don't buy Apple crap. They are intentionally using more ram when using a non Apple product. 🥴
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    @Grumm bullshit
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    @Lensflare https://imgur.com/a/MFFhRoJ

    With the case in this rant, prove me wrong ?
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    @Grumm I mean "Apple using more ram for non Apple apps intentionally" is bullshit.
    Not sure how serious you were, though.
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    @Grumm my first non shitty laptop was with windows 10 so i can agree that windows has something exceptional going on with regards to browsers. be it microsoft edge, opera or chrome, i would run 5 -6 windows with 30-50 tabs in all of them and each would run flawlessly ( stack overflow ftw!)

    i had the same problem with linux too, and i faintly remember posting a rant here on which @ root mentioned that its something related to swaps and gnome. but i guess its the problem with unix based OS( or whatever stuff that is similar b/w linux and mac-os)

    in general, i have observed this weird behaviour on both linux and mac that they tend to make softwares ram hungry. i remember my 900mb android studio project would build in 8 mins in linux but during that, every other software would hang, even the mouse and AS itself, making it unusable.

    windows on the other hand would build the same project in 25 mins, but i could easily watch a webseries with many other tabs and s/w open during that time
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    @Grumm but the again windows laptops in general have their batteries floating up like a packet of lays in 2 years , which therby makes any video rendering or editing as janky unless connected to a cord of suicide charger
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    @Demolishun well that’s biggest laugh I have of my life that people still believe google invented something more than pagerank xD
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    @Lensflare I was not really serious with that statement.

    They probably has different RAM management (As stated by @prodigy214)

    Still wondering how an app can use 17.5 Gb of ram on a 8Gb ram laptop ?
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    @Grumm i guess swap memory is also considered as ram in macs
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