My First !Experience : Disappointment with a computer

My mum kept tons of floppies but we didnt have a computer at home. Went to my friends house, who had one, and had Encarta 95 (its like a fun wikipedia for kids). When I mentioned I had floppies, he asked for one, since he didnt have one. We copied Encarta to that floppy hoping we would cheat in the next computer science test. We even tested it.

After we were certain that all works (you should know we were surprised that it could fit in one floppy), we got to school, put the disk in and voila

we had copied a shortcut :)

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    I remember doing stuff like this as a kid.

    We all have to start somewhere though.

    I remember buying my first DVD movie. Taking it home, popping it into the computer to play it. Only to be disappointed to understand that CD-ROMs are not DVD-ROMs.

    I still have that movie today and refuse to get rid of it.

    I'll be buried with the shame it brings me. Not just for the embarrassment that followed its purchase, but also because the movie... It was "The Wedding Singer".
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    You get what you deserve.
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    Encarta! Wow totally forgot about that. Brings back memories
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    @black-kite wish I could get it to work again in dosbox.

    I played the shit out of the maze game.
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